My updates are not populating on my multiserver setup

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by webguyz, Aug 10, 2019.

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    Had an ssh problem with my master ispconfig server so I created a new vm with the exact same software (Debian stretch) and ISPConfig version 3.1.13. After it came up and was working as a standalone system I restored my dbispconfig DB from my old master server and everything seemed to be ok. I could see all my slave servers and my websites with no problem.

    Later I tried adding a new DNS record and a test website on a slave server and realized the changes were not getting populated to my slave DNS server or my slave web server. I went to the dns server and tried running: /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ and it ran and said "finished" and the same thing on my slave webserver that I was trying to create a website on and it also ran and said finished.

    What am I missing? Not seeing any errors in the gui monitor. Not sure what has gotten stuck.
    Have jobs in the job queue but they are not completeing:

    2019-08-09 22:13 Delete web_domain
    2019-08-09 22:13 Delete ftp_user
    2019-08-09 22:08 Insert dns_rr
    2019-08-09 22:08 Update dns_soa
    2019-08-09 22:08 Update dns_rr
    2019-08-09 22:06 Insert ftp_user
    2019-08-09 21:14 Insert web_domain

    Can anyone offer clues as to how the update mechanism works. Thought when the correct server phoned home via the cron job it picked up any updated for itself and performed them locally. Wonder if something got out of sync when I restored my dbispconfig database.

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    Ok, I think the problem is the updated column in the server table. The db restore of dbispconfig master db was several hours older then the last update made to the servers. I updated the time with one server and the updates happened.
    I guess the best thing to do is to do a global change to the updated column to a number higher then the slaves updated value.
    Will try and let you you know.
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    I had to set the updated column in server table to 0 on the master and each slave to fix this.

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