My CLAMAV is not scanning tar.gz file. How to fix this?

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    I noticed today that tar.gz files attached to my incoming mail aren't being scanned by CLAMAV on my server. It flags the subject of the email with ***UNCHECKED***. (First time I've had a tar.gz incoming.)
    Could someone please advise what I need to do to fix this. A URL would be great.

    Some background because I noticed another problem just now.
    I'm trying out using the 'XPertMailer' on my site to generate emails automatically. To get a feel for how to use it's features, I've been attaching files & pictures (one of which was a tar.gz, which lead to the problem above) and sending to multiple accounts on my server.
    During these tests, I've thus far sent the same email 5x to the same 3 accounts on each occasion. The last email I sent without the tar.gz and confirmed the problem I referred to above.
    However, I discovered another problem when this last email came through. Two of the accounts received the email fine, but on the 3rd account, the subject was flagged ***SPAM***. Can someone explain why this is?
    (Could it be because I've sent the same email multiple times to the same accounts?)
    (^^^Interesting, it took me about 20min to write this email, and when I went back to testing, the emails weren't marked with ***SPAM***. So I'm guessing (and will readup) that this was a timing issue?)

    (FYI: In ISPConfig3, all the accounts are set to 'Normal' mail filtering.)

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