MX not working.

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    EDIT: SOLVED! I had the DNS posts in the trashcan and didnt realise that it had to be purged.
    I should really teach myself to read the ***** manual.

    Hi there,

    Ive put this into the DNS:

    A record
    mail and IPnumber

    MX record:
    hostname (mail)
    priority (10)
    mailserver (

    But it seems like MX wont work,
    DNS report cant find any.

    And, if i typ in my mailserver name under MX record.
    Like this
    hostname (blank)
    priority (10)
    mailserver (

    It just says "This or similiar MX posts are already in this zone."

    Please help!
    (Yes, ive searched the forum)

    Kindest Regards.
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