Murmur (Mumble VoIP) installation problems

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by toffie, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. toffie

    toffie Member

    Hey all,

    I've recently found the Mumble project as I was assigned the task to
    get me and my guild a voice server.. Ventrilo is allright, but it costs money
    so it would be nice to try out something you can configure and handle

    So I found Mumble.

    Seems awesome I must say, I've managed to get it installed with an RPM
    package on Fedora 9, a package for Fc 8 though but it worked without problems..

    Only problem I found at that point was that Murmur, the server part (Mumble is the client), uses
    SQLite instead of MySQL which it can use.. So I thought, why not recompile
    it with MySQL support, but thats about where I am now..

    I've tried the Murmur support forum, but it seems like there are no activity
    at all for like 2-3 months, so I guess people aren't that interested in the software?

    Anyway, I've read about people who have managed to get MySQL to work
    with Murmur, but none of them have explained or pointed out where to get
    the information on how to do it. Therefore I've now come here to see if someone
    here can help me out.

    What I do know is that;
    - Murmur, inside an RPM package works..
    - When trying to follow the INSTALL doc, it says that I should use "qmake"
    which isnt available on Fedora c9 ? Normal "make" doesnt seem to do it..

    furthermore, I guess I should do something with the source before I "make"
    it to include MySQL support?

    are there some kind soul out there on the internet who have some experience
    or at least some ideas on how to get this done?

    I've read through lots of sites, but none seems to be interested in the MySQL
    part.. and if I wouldnt be interested in that, I could have used the RPM package
    for Fedora c8..

    one thread connected to this;

    another one, that I've replied to, without response so far;

    hope that someone could help me out!
    Thank you in advance, and keep up the good work with Howtoforge!

    // Chris
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    According to , qmake is available in the following packages: qt-devel, kdevelop, kdevelop-devel, gridengine, gridengine-debuginfo

    I guess qt-devel is the right one, but if you are in doubt, you can install all these packages. :)

    What's in the Murmur INSTALL file?
  3. DereckJeffries

    DereckJeffries New Member

    I am interested to know if you were able to resolve the issues with Mumble VoIP install. I might become involved in similar project but would want to know the support is available before investing time and effort.
  4. toffie

    toffie Member

    It's been a while now, but to answer your question.
    Yes I was able to install it, not by compiling however as that always gave
    me some kind of error..

    But I instead used the already compiled version and that worked like a charm.
    Then I didn't get MySQL support, but I wrote an php app for the other
    database instead and it worked as well.

    Mumble is a great app, but be aware that in the past many antivirus programs
    has reported this program as a malware / virus.

    When asking the devs about this, they don't even reply to the question.
    My thought about it is, that the server part has some kind of "malware"-like
    source that isn't actually a malware but is needed to work with d-bus or
    what it was called..

    Something like that..

    With that said, it did work very well and the sound quality is amazing.
    But use it at your own risk :)

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