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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Toucan, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Running ispconfig 3 on debian as per perferct server guide

    last night I did the munin and monit how to. After removing www on the munin config files it worked fine. That was the only tweak I applied.

    The web interface of monit isn't working though. I'm not sat on the same network as my server so I don't know if it's a firewall problem but I'm pretty sure all ports forward to the servers ip. When I started monit it didn't report any problems, how can I check if it is running?

    Also I note from the guide it will not start if you ask it to montior a service that is not running. How can I check which services I actually have runnning?
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    For the benefit of others installing monit on debian ISPconfig3:

    The clue was in the tutorial- monit will not start if it's trying to monitor a service that doesn't exist. I'm runnning ISPConfig as per the perfect server howto which installs pureftp not proftpd so it was causing monit not to start at all I believe. I've commented out these lines and now it works perfectly.

    This guide gives details on how to set monit up with pureftpd but it is slightly more complicated and untested.

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