munin refuses to work

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  1. bobpit

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    munin refuses to work. When I go to I get error 403:

    I followed this guide :

    The first page only, the munin. (I also visited other guides on the subject and set several configuration options which I hope have helped and not destroyed everything).

    These are the highlights/differences of my install:
    1) when I go with ftp to /var/run/munin, it redirects me to /run/munin which contains one file:

    2) The site files are here: /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/
    So I created this new dir:

    3) This is what happened when I restarted munin-node:
    [email protected]:~# /etc/init.d/munin-node restart
    Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)
    utility, e.g. service munin-node restart

    Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an
    Upstart job, you may also use the stop(8) and then start(8) utilities,
    e.g. stop munin-node ; start munin-node. The restart(8) utility is also available.
    munin-node start/running, process 5331

    4) I had to install apache utils for the password to work:
    sudo apt-get install apache2-utils

    5) This is the password command I have issued:
    htpasswd -c /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/.htpasswd admin

    6) When I go with FTP to /var/www/clients/client1/web2/web/monitoring, it contains only the .htaccess file. I do not see any graphs stored there.

    This is the best tutorial I have found on installing munin!
    The server specs are in my sig.
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  2. till

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    The above guide is made for apache, it will not work for nginx because e.g. the password protection wont work as nginx does not support .htaccess files.

    Take the above minin.conf file and change just this line:

    htmldir /var/www/apps/munin

    Then run the command:

    mkdir -p /var/www/apps/munin
    chown munin:munin /var/www/apps/munin
    /etc/init.d/munin-node restart

    you should now be able to see the munin stats with this url:


    if you want to password protect the output, then you will have to edit the nginx configuration file of the apps vhost and add a password protection there.
  3. bobpit

    bobpit Member

    seems to work, thank you
  4. bobpit

    bobpit Member

    Munin does not update the graphs, the images/figures are the same from Friday Jan 17th.
    Not updating the graphs seems to be a common problem so I started to follow this FAQ:

    Although I did have plugins in here /etc/opt/munin/plugins, I did run "munin-node-configure --shell | sh -x", but this caused errors:
    [email protected]:~# munin-node-configure --shell | sh -x
    # The following plugins caused errors:
    # apache_processes:
    # 	Junk printed to stderr
    # diskstats:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (1)
    # ip_:
    # 	Nothing printed to stdout
    # 	No valid suggestions
    # irqstats:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (1)
    # postgres_bgwriter:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_cache_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_checkpoints:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_connections_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_connections_db:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_locks_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_querylength_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_scans_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_size_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_transactions_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_tuples_:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_users:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # postgres_xlog:
    # 	Non-zero exit during autoconf (255)
    # users:
    # 	Junk printed to stderr
    Shoud I ignore the above errors?

    Edit: after some research I found this:
    It seems that is a known error, it is out of munin's responsibility and nobody is fixing it.
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  5. bobpit

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    10 minutes after I run the above, I DID see the graphs to update. But I have the feeling that again they do not update. Right now I am searching for a way to change the display interval of munin, so that I can be sure that they do not update.
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I use munin always with default interval, dont know if it can be changed.
  7. bobpit

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    Munin graphs where frozen for all day. Now I see more data. Does munin generate graphs every 12 hours maybe?
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  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No. Minin generates graphs every few minutes.
  9. bobpit

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  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Try to restart munin and check the log files, if munin reports any errors.
  11. bobpit

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