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    Hi There,

    I used the perfect server install on Ubuntu 18.04 / Apache where im in the works of extending my reports with amavis/spamassasin reporst trough munin. I enabled the plugin and found that the standard log file was not the correct one. I downloaded the latest munin amavis plugin through their github.
    Unfortunatly the numbers stay 0. This monitor should tell me the following stuff:

    - Total amount of emails passing through that server
    - Total amount blocked spam
    - Total amount blocked virus
    - Other

    Can anybody point me to the right direction or the correct plugin that works out of the box with The Perfect Install?! My current amavis plugin:

    It seems that it is not having the correct permissions to get the mail.log.
    /etc/munin/plugins/amavis: line 91: /var/log/mail.log: Permission denied
    So i opened the plugin-conf.d and set user root. same results...
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