Multiuser setup unable to attach to MySQL DB

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    I am setting up a POC test using 2 servers, and

    Installed ISP Manager on Debian as per the How-Tos and installed just the ISPConfig website on the server named control. That works just fine and I can access the website with no problem

    When I go to attach the second server (web01) and going thru the install script it asks if this is an exisiting multisuer sertup and I answer yes. I then try to connect to the DB on the control server and I give it the corerct login/passwpord info but it fails.

    If I do a 'telnet 3306' I get the error:
    'Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL serverConnection closed by foreign host.'

    On the in /etc/mysql/my.cnf I have commented out
    #bind-address =

    Did I miss a step somewhere? Normall when I see this error I have to do something like add a user with a % into the mysql db. Does that need to be done here?


    UPDATE! Disregard. I mis-read the section on having to create entries for each remote server. Works fine now.
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