Multiserver Setup With Dedicated Web, Email, DNS And MySQL Database Servers On Debian

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  1. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

    Hi, congratulation for your beautiful work!
    I'm writing for request aid to ending configuration of this fantastic HOWTO:
    Installing A Multiserver Setup With Dedicated Web, Email, DNS And MySQL Database Servers On Debian 5.0 With ISPConfig 3
    In particular I would:
    - install Apache and necessary module on the mail server
    - install Squirrel Mail that respond directly from "mail.example.tld"
    - install one of this plugin for vacation autorespond in Squirrel Mail Squirrel Mail Plugins

    Anyone can help me or refine the HOWTO?
  2. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

    Ok, after I have buy subscription, I've downloaded manual of ISPconfig and I've discovered the ability to work between roundcube and ISPconfig.

    So my last question, in the mail server I need Apache basic installation for run Roundcube, I need only to run "apt-get install apache2"?
    Or apache2 need more dependecies to be installed? If yes what?

    Thank you so much!
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Why do you want to install roundcube on the mailserver instead of the webserver? As roundcube is a web app, it should be installed on the web and not the mailserver. Create a new website like on the webserver and then install roundcube into that website. During roundcube setup you can instruct roundcube to connect to the mailserver.
  4. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

    Thank you Till for your reply
    I want to install RoundCube on the mail server because:
    - MySQL and PHP it's already installed for ISPconfig, so I need only Apache2
    - Working over the lan between RoundCube (if installed on the WEB server) and Dovecot or Courier (installed on the MAIL server) slows net and both server, especially if many users move large quantity of emails (IMAP protocol)
    - because so RoundCube work in localhost and don't generate any traffic
    - last because I want that Roundcube site respond on the entire IP of mailserver, for example:

    For install Apache2, I need only to run
    apt-get install apache2
    or Roundcube need more dependencies and other configuration of the system?

    Another question: it's better Dovecot or Courier?

    Thank you!
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I'd go for Courier.
  6. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    i get his idea, all in all id say that 'the pefect server' isn't anywhere neer perfect at all,

    mostly its a thing that the TS has figured quite nicely, is that running a dedicated websevers isn't 'that golden egg att all in truth, i would sooner install a more complex setupt with a central database server and a replicated backup ...

    than i would have either one or 2 mail servers with there one webmail front ends installed, they'd be running email for all hosted domains.

    finaly i would run multiple webservers up front you would have a load balancer, that could be a professional one or something as simple as nginx running of an atom330.

    all data ofcouce should than be stored on some kind of nas or san.

    see there, the perfect webhosting (? rack ?) setup
  7. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

    Thank you Falko for your reply, that generate automatically other 2 question:
    - why Courier instead Dovecot (only for my personal skills)?
    - For install Apache2 in the mail server only for RoundCube, it need more dependencies? PHP and MySQL are installed by default for ISPconfig.

    At I-Chat, your ideas are good, I think you must start with 2 ProxMox Server in cluster, and after with the dedicatet services on the host.

    Bye thank you at all
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig can create email traffic statistics only if you use Courier.

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