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  1. conductive

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    I loaded 5 COMPLETE servers and installed ispconfig3 on 1 of them before I found the multi server tutorial.

    I have the following questions regarding the Multiple server setup.
    ..Will it work on Wheezy?
    ..will it work on Nginx?
    ..which server would squirrelmail, roundcube or horde be installed on?
    ..if I add the root mysql users to the master server can I simply reinstall ..ispconfig or do I need to start over on the master server?
    ..if I use the COMPLETE installations can I simply use the master to turn off the other services and still achieve the same type of performance?

  2. till

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    yes. But I would recommend to compare the matching chapters (e.g. mail server install) with the one of the perfect setup guide as the perfect setup guide is newer and installs additional packages for options that were introduced in latest ispconfig versions.


    I would use one of the web servers as the yrun apache / ngnx anyway, then configur the webmail client to connect to the mailserver instead of localhost.

    A ispconfig reinstall should be enough, just ensure that you remove ispconfig with the uninstall.php script first.

    yes and no. You can turn off the services on the master so they dont show up in ispconfig. Additionally you have to stop the services on the slaves and remove them from boot order so they dont get started again at reboot.
  3. conductive

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    That is sweet!!

    If I have this right you can reconfigure ispconfig at any time to deploy, repair, migrate or depreciate any server at any time. I am also guessing that many othr types of servers can be added/administered this way.

    Would it make sense to add additional servers at the time of master configuration or would this have an impact on performance?

    Any rule of thumb as to why it would be better to have 2 name servers as opposed to 2 web servers? Sounds like we could even run both apache and nginx under this configuration.

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