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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by agonyzt, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. agonyzt

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    I've been evaluating ISPConfig in the past weeks and I must say that so far I'm really impressed. It's a really good alternative to commercial panels!

    However (and unfortunately), I have a problem with the mirroring feature. It seems more like a limitation than a bug but here the situation:

    I'm running the following multi-server setup:
    - web1: httpd + ftpd + sql + dns
    - mail1: dovecot + postfix + amavisd + dns
    - backup1: sql + dns

    I want to use backup1 to mirror my databases and my DNS records, so I selected the "mirror of" web1 in the control panel and it works just fine.

    Now, I would like to use the DNS server on mail1 as another mirror (so I can offer triple DNS redundancy to my customers). As soon as I set mail1 to be a mirror of web1, my mail server doesn't work anymore! I verified under System -> Server Services to make sure everything is set correctly... it is.

    I understand that mail1 is trying to mirror the Mail feature of web1 (which doesn't exist)... but should it work anyway? Or is it a limitation? Maybe I'm missing something!

    Thank you :)

    - Agonyzt
  2. Parsec

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    Why not just use the dns on "mail1" to be a secondary dns, rather then a mirror.
  3. agonyzt

    agonyzt New Member

    Hum... but that would mean I've to setup every domains twice no?

  4. agonyzt

    agonyzt New Member

  5. falko

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    Good idea! :D

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