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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ShaferTech, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. ShaferTech

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    Originall posted in the wrong place. Reposting here:

    Followed the tutorial for Debian, couldn't find one for centos 7 on multiserver.

    I did the multiserver setup for the slave server. My primary server lists the secondary server in the drop down selectors. However I see nothing on the slave that indicates it is receiving data.

    I also have warnings at the top of ISPConfig:
    The following changes are not yet populated to all servers:
    • datalog_status_i_dns_slave: 1
    • datalog_status_u_dns_slave: 2
    • datalog_status_i_firewall: 1
    • datalog_status_u_server: 3

    Under system state on the primary both servers are listed. Showing no Errors.

    Not sure what i've done wrong. On the primary under System > Server Services the slave server is set to be a mirror for DNS and web. I do not see the one zone I have created on the primary, on the slave server.
  2. Taleman

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    ISPConfig sends the data to slave using database connection. So my guess is the database users for hosts or their passwords are not correct. Review the ISPConfig Manual, it shows how to setup database accounts for all hosts in the multiserver setup.
  3. ShaferTech

    ShaferTech New Member

    That is what I didn't see in the howto article. Should the mysql_clientdb.conf file point to the master or should it have it's own DB? right now the slave's version of this file points to localhost for the $clientdb_host.
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    All member hosts of ISPConfig multiserver setup have their own database.
    I can not make sense of that statement. Do you mean in the contents of that file the $clientdb_host setting is localhost?
  5. ShaferTech

    ShaferTech New Member

    nevermind. I found the, i tested the login credentials stored for the master.
    It appears mariadb is not allowing the server to login. So I'm troubleshooting that, because the logins are on the master for the private IP, public IP, and Hostname of the slave.
  6. ShaferTech

    ShaferTech New Member

    The issue was I fat fingered the hostname of the master when I setup the slave. However, nothing in the interface of slave told me it had a problem with the master. None of the logs, that I could find and went through said there was a problem with the master. In fact the default log level of mariadb wasn't showing login attempts. Something whoever makes ISPconfig should consider.

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