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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by M1ENT, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. M1ENT

    M1ENT New Member

    Pretty Sure This Has Been Covered Numerous Times
    But To Many Post's With Mixed Ways Of Doing Things On The Multiserver Setup ISPConfig3 Getting Me Confused..

    I Have ISPCONFIG 3 Setup On One Of My Servers..

    Wish To Add Two More Servers.

    Cant Get Server 2, Or Any Others To Show On The Main Panel.


    Selected Expert For Server 2,

    Main Server #1
    named: - IP Example:

    SERVER #2 IP Example:


    installing on server 2,
    Selected, expert

    Upon Combining With Server #1

    Keep getting..

    Unable to connect to mysql server.

    i can put the and nothing.
    same prob with ip and pass. Will not connect.

    but typing server 2 IP which is the system im adding.
    it will connect no probs.

    been @ it a while trying to get my other servers in one panel..

    Def need some help on this.

    is there something needed to add to server 1,
    before trying to connect server 2 or adding the server 2.

    if so
    can someone please explain step by step with examples of what there entering.. would def help me out alot..

    thanks in advance for any help on resolving my issue.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Either you did not configure the /etc/hosts files on all servers as decribed in the multiserver installation guide or you did not add the mysql root user for IP and hostname in the master database as described in the multiserver install guide.

    Thats described in detail in the multiserver installation guides like this one:
  3. M1ENT

    M1ENT New Member

    sorry didn't notice the guide on multi-server setup..

    i believe both mentioned, are my problem.

    i only added server 1, to the host file
    since i originally only had installed one server with panel..

    server 2, hasn't been added to the mysql or host file..

    thanks for link.

    going back to the drawing board..

    ill make changes to my systems following the guide.

    will post if i get it running..

    thanks again for taking the time out to help
    and for the fast response...
  4. M1ENT

    M1ENT New Member


    added both servers ips, to host file..
    vi /etc/hosts looks like localhost

    added server 2 to the main servers mysql.. (not sure if this is correct?) root *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx root *xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    server 1 is already entered in mysql, with the ISPconfig3 Install.

    still receiving the same error..
    Unable to connect to mysql server

    am i entering it correctly?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Please check if you edited the mysql my.cnf file so that mysql listens on all interfaces as described in the guide and that you dont block the mysql port with a firewall.
  6. M1ENT

    M1ENT New Member

    thanks for the help and response...


    sorry for the noobish questions...

    just wanted to make sure, before plunging and touching the master server that was already live..

    thanks again for the snappy responses...
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