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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by strowi, May 17, 2011.

  1. strowi

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    i am currently testing a multiserver install with dedicated web/mail/db/ns1/ns2 setup.
    I basically followed the debian-tutorial found on howtoforge... but still got a few questions:

    1. during installation it seems there is no cron-daemon installed, would i need to install one on every server (which i would guess) or only on the main-server (which would do some voodoo to update the others)?
    2. if i need to install a cron on every server, is sendmail good enough as an mta for the cron (except postfix on the mail-server)?/Is there a specific configuration, so cron-mails do really get delivered to the correct admin-adress and not local root?

    thx for the help,
  2. till

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    1) Cron is normally installed on every Linux system by default (e.g. in the basic setup of the perfect server guides that is mentioned in the multiserver setup guides), thats why it is not mentioned separately. If you excluded or removed cron on your base setup, then you will have to install cron before you install ispconfig.

    2) Sendmail should be ok. Cron emails will get delivered to the local accounts. But ispconfig dont use cron emails, it uses a logfile instead, so this applies only to your own cron jobs.
  3. strowi

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    hi Till,

    thx for the quick reply!

    1) I thought so too, but couldn't find any cron installed.. maybe i made a mistake with debootstrap or the template i used..

    2)thx for clarification! because installing cron manually tried to pull exim-light as dependency.. which seems a little overkill;)

    This morning the questions seem ... silly... maybe it was too late last night, thx again!

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