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    I have a little problem with ISPConfig3 and Postfix in a multiserver environment. I will try to explain...

    When I create a new mailbox, a welcome mail is delivered. Ok, in multiserver it is not working (I think it is a setting problem, but it could be a bug of ISPConfig3...)

    When you create a new mailbox in mailserver, webserver try to send a "welcome mail" using postfix in webserver (next, it will be relay the mail to mailserver). This is what I can see in log file:

    May  5 01:26:37 web1 postfix/qmgr[6480]: AF55C2049C: from=<[email protected]>, size=526, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    May  5 01:26:37 web1 postfix/smtp[6650]: AF55C2049C: to=<[email protected]>, relay=[]:25, delay=0.19, delays=0.11/0/0/0.07, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 5.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table (in reply to RCPT TO command))
    If I stop postfix on mailserver, and start it after a few minutes, this are the log lines:

    May  5 01:06:18 web1 postfix/pickup[13049]: A04E72049E: uid=33 from=<www-data>
    May  5 01:06:18 web1 postfix/cleanup[5501]: A04E72049E: message-id=<[email protected]>
    May  5 01:06:18 web1 postfix/qmgr[13050]: A04E72049E: from=<[email protected]>, size=526, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    May  5 01:06:18 web1 postfix/smtp[5503]: connect to[]:25: Connection refused
    May  5 01:06:18 web1 postfix/smtp[5503]: A04E72049E: to=<[email protected]>, relay=none, delay=0.11, delays=0.1/0/0/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to[]:25: Connection refused)
    When I start postfix on mail server... this is what happen:

    May  5 01:13:46 web1 postfix/smtp[5715]: A04E72049E: to=<[email protected]>, relay=[]:25, delay=448, delays=448/0.01/0.02/0.1, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as B83D4235D0)
    May  5 01:13:46 web1 postfix/qmgr[13050]: A04E72049E: removed
    Of course, the mail was delivered to [email protected]

    I think that ISPConfig3 is trying to send the welcome email BEFORE the vmailbox is created. So, as the mailbox doesn't exist, the mail is "removed" instead of being queued for delivery after...

    Could you help me please? do I have to fill a bugtrack for this? Do I have a conf problem? :p

    Thank you in advance
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    Someone knows a workaround for this?

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