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Discussion in 'General' started by ispcomm, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I have a multiserver setup with ispconfig with multiple database servers (two of them a quick and a slow one).

    I have trouble understanding the intended way to work with databases.

    I'd like for a client to be able to select their preferred database server, but I can either limit them to only one server.

    If I leave them unlimited, there's no option to select the server that the customer wants at creation time, and the database is created on the first server all the time.

    Is this intended or am I missing something?

    I also found another issue: If I create a database, say on server 2, when the ispconfig interface is running on server 1, then the database is created on server 2 *but* the link in the customer control panel points to the server 1 (as in https://server1:8080/phpmyadmin) and so administration becomes impossible on server 2 via phpmyadmin.

    I understand that the link to phpmyadmin can be tweaked in the server settings.
    I tried setting it to [SERVERNAME]/phpmyadmin but the links do not change (do I have to update/resync something?)

    thank you.
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  2. till

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    Thats intended. Currently there is no option to let a customer select the database server on its own.

    There are several options, most admins will configure phpmyadmin (which has multiserver support builtin) on the master server to connect to all database servers, so you wont have to install apache on a database server. As altenative, you can use the placeholder [SERVERNAME] in the database url like:

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  3. ispcomm

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    I tried that, but the links don't change (the databases were created before this).

    Is this a setting that only works at creation time?
  4. till

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    No, thats a runtime setting. Are you sure that you had the http:// in front? It wont work without that.
  5. ispcomm

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    Found the issue. I never clicked on the link but was only looking at the toolbar, where I could see the ispconfig server name and not the database.... I just found there's a redirect made by the php.

    Sorry about that. thanks for helping.
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    Is there any way of allowing the Client to select Database Server if I want to offer this service?
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    Only way to do so, would be with API I think.

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