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    I found nearly all the info I need in the manual. But I just want some confirmation and a awnser od two. When I add a new server to the setup for example has his resurces full and I want to add I see that when you create a client in "Limits" you can choose default server for web and mail. But it says that the client can change the default server.
    1. Can I limit the server for the client so he can only use the default server selected in "Limits"?
    2. Can I have more than 1 database server?
    3. My database is on the, if I add with the same setup will the created db and users for sites be created on the second?
    4. If I deselect the services for web on becouse it's full and so no one can select it, will the sites that are on it work?
    Have a great and happy christmas HowtoForge team and thanks for all the support!
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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) You can select where a database gets created.
    4) Have not tested that, but the client will probably not be able to edit his sites anymore. I would allow both servers in the client Limits and then set System > interface config > Default server for web and database to the new server.
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