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    We have a server that started with Debian 7. It was upgraded to Debian 8 some time ago, and yesterday I brought it up to Debian 9 and then Debian 10.

    On every upgrade I made sure to run the ISPConfig installer to make sure services got re-configured.

    The server has PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.3 installed and I made all three versions available from System > Additional PHP Versions. They work fine.


    Under System > Server config > [SERVER] > Web > PHP Settings I have set ISPConfig to use PHP 7.3 by default.


    All websites now run on PHP 7.3 by default, but they also use their old PHP 5 configuration (/etc/php5/cgi/php.ini).
    From one of my previous previous posts (Upgraded Debian 8 to 9 - PHP7 now uses PHP5 settings) I was told that this is expected behaviour for existing websites. By chosing PHP 7.3 explicitely, they will run on the configuration from PHP 7.3, which they do.
    However, Till stated in a reply that new websites created with PHP=Default would use the configuration from ISPConfig's PHP Settings (the screenshot above), but they don't. They too use the old PHP 5 configuration too.

    Here is the PHP settings I chose for my newly created test website:

    This is the FastCGI wrapper ISPConfig created for the new website - notice PHPRC:


    The OS is configured to use the most recent version of PHP:


    What am I missing here? Where does ISPConfig get the value for PHPRC from?

    - Thanks in advance

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    Jimmy Thomsen
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    System > Server Config > FastCGI
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    Thanks @till - I expected PHP related stuff to be found under Web so I never thought of looking somewhere else. Thanks :)

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