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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by josej, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I'm jose from Spain, in advance, sorry my english is very bad,

    I have ISPConfig installed in two servers with Linux HA and DRBD

    One of the sites is an E-Commerce site in EEUU ( .us ) and another E-Commerce site is in Spain ( .es ).

    My question is about TimeZones

    I want differents TimeZones per Site, I have read somthing about this, and i think that its possible for differents users, modifying /home/someuser/.bashrc in chrooted enviroment by setting the TZ variable.

    With ISPConfig and his users its possible to do somthing similar?

    If not is possible, what can I do?

    sorry but my english is too bad :(

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    I have one solution

    My solution simple.

    On the init script (config for E-Commerce in USA or Spain or France etc..) in the E-Commerce Site I add the line:

    $GLOBALS["time_zone_site"]= "America/Los_Angeles";

    And in the interface to Adodb,in the "connect function"

    function connectFunction{
    $this->db = new ADOnewConnection('mysqli');
    $this->db->Execute("SET time_zone = '".$GLOBALS["time_zone_site"]."'");

    Thats all...

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