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  1. burlyhousetech

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    Hello all -

    I'm hosting a common web application across multiple (40+) hosted domains. ISPConfig is used as a front-end so techs can activate & disable deployments.

    Up until now I've used aliases so this can be done via a single Apache vhost, and therefore a single filesystem path deployment for the web app sources. This works fine until one needs to provide SSL services for each of the hosted domains.

    Now moving to a revised strategy where each separate host has its own ISPConfig Site (not an alias) to provide for SSL certs for each hosted domain.

    For the hosts which share in this web app I've tried to override the DocumentRoot within ISPConfig, pointing to a common /usr/local/share/mywebappname directory. When I do this I'm receiving 403 Forbidden error.

    As I begin analyzing this further, I cannot help but think this might be a common install scenario. Am I missing something obvious? Does ISPConfig support a shared DocumentRoot for multiple sites?

    - Nathan
  2. burlyhousetech

    burlyhousetech Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Does ISPConfig concept of `apps` work here? I'm having trouble finding docs ...
  3. till

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    Having multiple domains with the same docroot is normally achieved by using an alias domain. Alias domains get added to the SSL cert of the site automatically (when you use Let's encrypt).

    When you want to achieve this by using multiple sites, then you must keep in mind that each website runs under its own Linux user, so you will have to not enable suexec in the site as you will get permission problems otherwise. Also access to folders outside of the web is not granted, so you will have to add grants for the folder that you try to use.

    No, apps are not related what you try to achieve.
  4. burlyhousetech

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    Thank you for the insight, and for the quick response!

    We currently use alias domains, so it would actually be much better if I can stick with this method. The only reason I was looking towards the shared DocumentRoot is to provide SSL certs for each of the domains.

    I'm not currently using Let's Encrypt, though. In this case I already have all the x509 certs issued. Where would I place the certs for alias domains so everything works? Is this done through the ISPConfig GUI?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    All domains must be in a single SSL cert as apache does not support using multiple certs in one vhost.

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