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  1. seadap

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    Hey all!

    Great product. I've used it for years and LOVE it. Here's my question:

    I have the domain running and working perfectly. What I would like to do is create a co-domain or something similar such that points to a different ip address.

    I have an install of gforge running on a different server and would like to have my users be able to find it with the dev domain name. I am not apposed to installing gforge as a subdirectory such as but I'm a little unsure of myself when it comes to getting all of the components installed and configured correctly.

    I used an ISO of gforge to simplify it's install and would like to not have to go through the plumbing to get it moved over to the web server.




    I should have mentioned I'm using version 2.
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    Add a 'record' to your dns server under the '' domain.

    The new 'record' will be something like:

    dev ; where the ip address is your external public ip address or internal ip address.

    You will know it it working when you can ping and the ip address is the one you added to the dns server.
    Then go tour browser and type in

  3. seadap

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    I tried adding an 'A' record with the correct ip address and also adding another host name to the same domain and under both circumstances I get the shared ip page. I don't know where I'm going wrong.

    Also, I'm using dyndns. I have the domain with an alias of www and dev pointing to the same ip address there. I assume that when my server sees a request for dev or www it would look up it's dns records to see which ip address should serve the request. Is that wrong?

  4. falko

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    Is dev on a different IP in your LAN, or is it a public IP address?
  5. seadap

    seadap New Member

    It's a different private ip on my lan.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    The problem is that you can forward port 80 to just one IP on your router.
  7. seadap

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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, you can set up a reverse proxy with Apache. :)
  9. seadap

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    Help needed with forward proxy

    Hi All,

    I've been experimenting with the forward proxy idea but I seem to be a little stuck. I looked at this article and tried to adapt the config to do what I had in mind:

    NameVirtualHost *
    <VirtualHost *>
            DocumentRoot /var/www/
            ProxyRequests Off
            <Proxy *>
              Order deny,allow
              Allow from all
            ProxyPass /dev
            ProxyPassReverse /dev
    With this code I expected to be able to browse to and see yahoo's page but no dice.

    I chose to experiment with an outside domain because when I replaced with the internal ip address of my other web server i don't get any hits in the logs for it.

    The only evidence I see that anything is happening is when I change the loglevel for my ispconfig server to debug, I can see entries like:

    but the page that is returned is a generic page not found from my drupal installation.

    I've combed throught the docs about mod_proxy and mod_proxy_html but haven't found any more ideas.

    It seems that at least part of the proxy is working but I'm missing something. Where to look now?

    Thanks for your help!

  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Not sure, but maybe Yahoo is blocking proxy requests?
    [Sun Feb 01 16:58:22 2009] [info] [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: core_output_filter: writing data to the network
    Can you try another web site?
  11. reason8

    reason8 Member

    Hello and good day. I am using ISPCONFIG 3. I would like to know if this method works for my version as well.

    With that in mind, do you need to add a record to ISPConfig DNS Zone AND/OR the dynamic dns account? I am using and they have a website which you setup mail server, A records, cname records, etc. Should I just enter this information there, just in ISPCONFIG or both places?

    Thank you!

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