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    I work for a web hosting provider and I am trying to write a program to migrate multiple ispcofig instances to a single ispconfig target.

    I'm think I understand the problem. First we have to transfer multiple dbispconfig databases (on a per client basis) from the source systems to one target system. Then it's a matter of migrating the content. It is the first of these that poses the greatest problem for me.

    The main problem I am encountering is database relationships and ids.

    Is there any documentation outlining the column definitions for the tables in the dbispconfig database, and what the table ids point to?

    Exporting and importing each database is obvoiusly not good enough because the relationships would be screwed up. What I am working on is an intelligent way of working out which web domains, which email domains and mailboxes, which ftp accounts, which alias domains, which ssh accounts (it goes on!) are hierarchically subordinate to a single client (or reseller) and moving those from one system to another using a combination of the ispconfig api and mysql calls.

    It would be a project we are willing to share, but to speed things up it would help no end to know some more about how the ispconfig database works without having to do shit loads of reverse engineering. A lovely schema chart with arrows describing all the relationships would be my dream, but I am aware that this might not exist.

    If anyone has ideas, knows who would be the best person in the ispconfig team to contact, knows of a similar project, or just feels like exploring themselves, then please post.

    Good night from Gothenburg,

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    i would remove all prefixes and use API to setup new databases and ...
    -> sync, mirror db ...


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