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    I think i can try explain (if i did my workclass correctly :)

    Every instance will store the data about they services using local mode, and then send to master instance updating the master dabase of ISPConfig

    Is pretty easy work with data in any database, you have index, can make view, already have an protocol to comuunicate, etc...
    But, working using text files arent so easy, need set the right and complicated permissions, text files can lose data ease (freezing while was get an update for example), and many other situations where an database have better support

    This is why the guides say to keep the mysql port openned, so all updates will be made by mysql frome each instance.

    At least is my guess...
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    I know and understand this, but it don't explain why we can't use a central mysql database instead of mutilple local instance and so why local mysql instance is required on each host.
    If I understand IPSConfig work, the IPSConfig server is in charge to generate conf file based on the data store in the mysql database.
    In this case, it can retrieve data locally but could get data from central mysql database ? no ?

    Other points :
    - Is it possible to "cut" mail services : MDA (dovecot) and MTA (postfix), each on separate host ?
    - Is it possible to "cut" web services : files server (NFS) and web server (apache2) with data on NFS ?

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    A mysql database is required on each server for scalability and high availability. If you would have just one mysql instance, then all servers would fail when this mysql instance fails. ISPConfig syncs the data between the databases internally, so there is no need for mysql replication or a similar external software for the ispconfig database.


    ISPConfig does not use nfs. If you want to configure a nfs server, then you can do this of yourse on a separate host.

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