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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by icemannz, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    I just want to check a few things regarding multiple servers and mirrors using the latest version of ISPConfig.
    I have read throught the forums regarding these topics etc and I have come to the following conclusions:
    To setup a mirror server I believe these are the steps.
    1. setup the master server first but don't change any settings like adding users etc...
    2. setup the master mysql database to allow for root login from both the master server ip and any mirror server ip addresses.
    2. setup the mirror server by installing in expert mode,
    somewhere in the installation I need to select the option to use the master servers mysql database
    I also should select the option to not have the control panel installed on the slave server
    Then I go into the control panel on the master server and select the slave as a mirror ?

    Ok so those are the steps that I have read in the forums.
    Please let me know if anything is wrong or missing in the steps above.

    The next part is installing additional servers ie: 2 x mailservers, 2 x webservers.

    Can someone please explain how I add in the additional servers, I presume that I follow most of the steps list above ?
  2. till

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    The steps you described above are correct.

    Just follow your steps 2 + 3, you can repeat this for as many servers as you like to have.

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