Multiple PHP versions on Ubuntu 16.04/17.10

Discussion in 'General' started by ChapSmurf, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Would someone be kind enough to point me towards a tutorial on how to setup and use multiple versions of PHP on ISPConfig 3.1 please? I am going to use either Ubuntu 16.04 or 17.10 (probably the latter, unless someone suggest why I shouldn't). I have one site that has to use PHP 5.6 and another that has to use PHP 7.0. I can see there are various threads on this already, but I am not sure if they are applicable to the OS and version I am running.

    I am fairly new to Linux/ISPConfig, so please be kind. I have successfully followed the tut on setting up the perfect 17.10 server, which is running like a dream, so I am not a totally useless newbie. :p
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