multiple IPs with one PC and ISPconfig?

Discussion in 'General' started by mac90, Jul 18, 2006.

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    I recently ordered a static dsl line and they are giving me 5 IP#s and I want to host a few websites. I have a question or two: Is it possible to use all 5 IP#s with just one PC and have them point to different things like 1 IP for a dns and another IP for a dns and then another IP for a web site and maybe then another IP for a few websites with virtual hostname based hosting?
    And is this what ISPconfig can do with the DNS (BIND) part? Also, can ISPconfig be used as a website control panel like cpanel or fantastico but not give one website owner all my admin commands just let them change their website stuff? Also, how safe is ISPconfig? are there any known exploits or hacks that people have used to get root from ISPconfig?

    Thanks sorry if these questions are newbie questions :/
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    As far as I know. No
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    You should at least have two different DNS servers. Have a look here:

    Yes. You can log in as admin, as a reseller, as a client, or as a user, and everyone has different permissions.

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