multiple IPs=Problems with Bind9 (with certain ip it works, but status is offline)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Melchior, Dec 21, 2008.

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    I lastly installed two additional IPs to my server so I got 3 IPs at all.

    By doing this I mentioned problems while my slave dns was getting
    notified about new zone info from master because the masters ips
    were increased now to 3 IPs.

    In past (and now in present) the slave DNS expected to get zone update from
    IP1. But after having 3 IPs bind9 from master now selects IP2 to send
    notifies and so the slave always refused all updates.

    So I went through and found out how to force the master DNS to re-again
    using the (old) IP1 by putting:

    listen-on {217.XXX.XXX.126; };
    notify-source 217.XXX.XXX.126;
    in my named.conf.master template.

    that seems to be working :)
    at all I now get a "service warning" in ISPCONFIG that it is offline.

    I think this is because bind now listening on hard coded port instead of all
    localhost ports *.

    Here's whats netstat outputs for DNS:

    tcp        0      0     *:*                     LISTEN     11476/named   is mit RDNS solver.

    what should I do? Hack the status-code for Bind?

    thx and greetings,
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  2. till

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    Bind must listen on, please configure your bind to listen on that IP too.

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