Multiple ips only one sit per ip resolves

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by clebarron, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. clebarron

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    My setup ubuntu 8.10 followed setup perfect ispconfig.hopefuly fully
    My problem seems to be that as admin i added the first site and it reolved fine
    then added a client and added a site on another of the five ips i have and it resolved just fine, but if i try to add the second site to either admin or the client it will add and even creat the vhost but it wont resolve, tried a third same issue. all sites have valid whois and using same ip as was set up on this server with plesk before i had it removed. I can get the welcome to web site on all ips so they seem to be fine. on side not does -1 in clinet setting mean unlimited or do I need to specify a number..... thanks first time i have ever used this program and survived fine up to this little issue I am sure i am missing something..:confused:
  2. clebarron

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    never mind

    I just decided to uninstall and redo

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