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    I have tried with Google and found a few suggestions but this has not solved my problem. I am trying to get multiple IP's for my webserver (needs to run multiple sites with SSL)

    I am running OpenVZ and ISPConfig with multiple servers (containers).
    Firewall : Smoothwall with FFC
    ISPConfig version :
    OpenVZ Web Panel : 2.4

    In OWP I have added the relevant IP's that is being used ( - is the web servers original container IP.

    In System // Server IP Addresses I have added the 2 other IP's.

    All sites that have * in Sites/ Web Domain / IPv4 are working as they should - except 2 using the 2 IP's they show apache /var/www/index.html file.

    I have checked the vhost files for the 2 domains and everything seems to be OK.

    What have I missed or done wrong?
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    Solved this one - used the public IPs in ISPConfig - should have used the IP's from LAN side of firewall.:eek:

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