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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by megadood, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I have setup a new client and a new site for a domain name successfully on my newly installed Centos 5 + ISPConfig system. However I have now registered a .com domain name that I want to direct to the same website as the domain name. I have simply gone into the ISP site in question, into the Co-Domains section and added the following:

    Hostname: <empty>
    Domain: <>
    Create DNS: <checked>
    Create DNS MX: <checked>

    Now when I browse the websites the following work fine:

    How do I get to work as at the moment I am getting the Share IP error page which states i need to use the address instead of its IP.

    The domain name settings on the freeparking website where i registered them have identical settings i.e. the A records for the name and the WWW records point to the external IP of my ISPConfig box so I cannot understand why it isnt working. Any ideas as i am sure it will be something simple?


  2. megadood

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    Forgot to add to my first post - i dont know if this is the right way within ISPConfig to add a second domain, ive just followed the manual...


  3. falko

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    Just create a second Co-Domain like this:
    Hostname: www

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