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    Hi guy's, I have the similar situation and I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have finally competed a ISPConfig 3.0.2 server on a Fedora 12 server following the "Perfect Fedora 12 Server ISPConfig 3" tutorial with a few changes like running bind instead of mydns ect. I have two registered name server nl and I also have two routers where I can assign one server with ns1 and his own static IP and the second server with ns2 and his own static IP. Currently I'm only running one ISPconfig server on

    How do I need to go about setting up a second ISPConfig for my While I'm doing a fresh installation, do I need to install everything the same as in the tutorial or is there certain services I don't need to install.

    How will it be possible for all the files to be synchronized like mysql tables ect. I'm not quite sure how to put this all in one.

    The biggest reason why I want to install a second server is for if one of my router's going down, the other one should carry on automatically.

    Any advice for a noob.

    Thanks in Advance
    A.J. Hart
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    Hi guy's, any luck?

    I have completely installed fedora 12 on the second server but did not started with the tutorial yet. If anyone can give me some guidance where to begin, I can try to finish it. I'm quite a noob in linux but I can find my way around.

    Do I need to setup the second server exactly as in the tutorial ( like installing mysql, bind not in tut), httpd, postfix, courier, pureftp, fail2ban, rkhunter, roundcubemail (not in tut), ispconfig3 and ect.

    My misunderstanding is, if one line is down, how will everything be synced like the vmail boxes, database tables ect. If I create for instance a remote user on the ns1 server, will it be automatically be created on the ns2 server and as for all the other services?? I'm lost!! Any spare of small change for a bum? Ha ha lol.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi guy's, I finally got it to work!! I have another question related to this same topic.

    I it necessary to register one domain ( on both server's?

    Here is my reason for this question,




    If I want to add a zone to (196.212.xx.51), it does not allow me to. I can only add a zone to the second server if the zone name differs.

    Recently I want to register another domain, with all the entries like above and this is the mail I received from my registrar:

    How could I resolve this problem, because I don't think the registrar would register this domain if this is not correct?

    Thanks for your help!!!
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