Multiple Database Users For One Db All With Remote Access

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  1. shurimano

    shurimano New Member

    Is it possible? Also how do I add multiple database users to one database?
    And third question if I create two users and one database and select one user for that database, I cannot see other user in mysql.user talbe. Is that how it is suppose to be?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No. You can have multiple databases for one user but not multiple users for one database (except one additional read-only user). If you need such a configuration, then you might have to add the additional user in phpMyAdmin.

    Yes, that's supposed to be like that. MySQL users were created when you assign them to a database as a user without a database makes no sense.
  3. daniee

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    i just installed ispconfig but admin login and password admin is not working, i'm actually new
    please can anyone help help
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  5. daniee

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    thanks for correcting my rudeness

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