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    We are using a multiserver configuration:
    a- 1 main ispconfig for the adminpanel (A)
    b- 1 mysql DB server (B)
    c- 4 slave ispconfigs who are configured to be a mirror of the main ispconfig. (C)
    d- 2 mysql DB servers that are using drbd. (D)

    What we trying to do is using D as a second database server for our client & in time do a migration of B to D.

    I have 2 questions:
    1) in current setup, B & D are known in ispconfig as standard dbs servers. With the ispconfig-admin user i can create a databank to B, and one to D.

    However, a client can only create a databank to B. There is no drop down option to select which databank server you want. Cann't a client use multiple databankservers ? There are no permission about this. You can only choose a default databank server to a client.

    2) In time we want a migration of databank server B to D.
    We can do a mysql dump from B and do a import to D.
    B and D have different ipadresses.

    How will our main ispconfig recognize that there are suddenly more databases on D? Is there a way to update all the B-links in the main ispconfig's mysql so B becomes D?

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    Are you wanting to setup mysqld replication between the two servers?

    If you do this, then when someone creates a database/table/record it would automatically replicate those changes from server B to server D.

    You could also setup 2 way replication between the two servers, so then if you start using D as your primary server, it would also replicate back to B.

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