Multipe mail alias broken (?) in 3.0.5

Discussion in 'General' started by ispcomm, Nov 1, 2013.

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    There is nothing broken, you just used a illegimate format. As described in the manual, multiple email addresses have to be separated by newlines and not by spaces.
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    Ouch, i bought the 3.0.4 manual... and lost the file somewhere. I guess I have to buy the new one anyway.

    Hmmm... how do I insert a newline in the web interface?

    EDIT: Actually if I try to make a single forward from an email to two other emails separated by '\n' I get the following error:
    data_processing_errordestination_error_isemail<br />
    SOAP Error: destination_error_isemail
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  4. till

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    Login to ispconfig, go to the mail module, click on email forward > add new email foward.

    Then enter the source address in the email field and all destination email addresses in the destination field (one email address in each line) and click on save.
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    this is somewhat embarassing. I've been coding for too many hours without a break.

    I was so focused on email alias that I did not see the email forward under :(

    thank you till, and sorry for inconvenience.
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    What is the subtle difference between mail_alias and mail_forward?

    the postfix mysql virtual maps point to the mail_forwarding table and the type field is not used ....
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    A alias is a alias between two local email addresses of the client while a forward forwards emails to one or more external or internal recipients.

    This does not matter for postfix as an mta but it matters for ISP's that want to differentiate between these two functionalities and want to provide different quotas in their hosting plans for both of them.

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