Multi site data replication?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tekati, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Can it be explained how when I add a mail user on the master server that that transaction then is sent to the mail server?

    The reason I ask is I had to restore the mail server from an old backup so what I did to get it working was basically dump the master database and restored it on the mail server. But the issue now is the mail server is not receiving updates from the master server.

    Basically after adding yet another user the mail server does not receive that information.

    Can someone explain how the replication actually works?
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  3. Tekati

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    Although the link provided and information about sys_datalog pushed me in the right direction it really did not solve my issue.

    The real problem was the mysql server on the master server somehow had its configuration replaced so that it was binding to

    Doing the testing from that faq did not reveal the fact that it was unable to contact to the master db server. It said finished. and nothing else :(

    Setting the logging to debug did not help as since that is in the database itself not being able to replicate that to the slave servers there was no way for that setting to take effect.

    I would suggest that if a slave server cannot talk to the master server that an error be thrown to the console/log stating that the connection failed in all log settings.

    In the log I actually had messages from last year about not being able to contact the master server when I set this system up but nothing current was in the log to suggest that the master server was any part of the problem.

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