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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by scwhite, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. scwhite

    scwhite New Member

    do I need to uninstall ispconfig3 (done under standard on centos) and reinstall as expert to activate multi-server.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    On a mster server: no
    On a Slave server: yes
  3. scwhite

    scwhite New Member

    bought the manual, now comes the hard part, RTFM ;)
  4. scwhite

    scwhite New Member

    Well I have read and reviewed and not positive that I'm approaching this correctly. I have a shared account where I have installed my main company website and billing software (hostvise).

    I have a dedicated server with 1 IP that I have installed ISPconfig 3 on certOS 6.2 using the perfect server tutorial for that OS. FTP and the panel all seem to work. Haven’t set up an account yet but assume it will work fine.
    I opened my MySQL to allow connections to my shared account IP address and plan to write an extension in HostVise to auto configure the ISPconfig 3 panel shared web account through the API on sign up.

    To further config my dedicated:

    I was going to register and add a FQD for the the dedicated server (something similar to my main domain) that now has ISPconfig 3 panel and the installation servers FTP & MAIL. I was researching the DNS approach and now have become unsure if I'm doing this right.

    I'm worried that I should have started with the FQD and now need to get that, wipe the server and reinstall the ISPconfig 3 panel?

    My second concern is DNS as I only have 1 dedicated. I had assumed that I point the domains to the one dedicated and the panel would handle internally through internal DNS zones. I clearly had this confused and now unsure how to proceed with DNS with one dedicated configured like I have done. My dedicated provider’s panel seems to have it all set to have the domain transferred to them and then they will dns but I don't want that as I don't want my customers to be registered with them. I was planning on buying through a registrar and having the records point to my machine. If I configure all the DNS records at the registrar’s level then the reverse DNS will cause much of my traffic to become unusable, right?

    Would you guys recommend that I wipe the dedicated, get the domain and follow the perfect server setup to completion? I was only going to add maybe a 100 accounts to the main server and then start adding web servers as slaves for every 300 or so shared accounts and leave the mail, panel and ftp on the first with the panel handling the additional ones as I added them.
    Any input on how I'm approaching this would be greatly appreciated. When I get in I'm going to start back though the manual before I do another install.
  5. scwhite

    scwhite New Member

    Think I'm moving forward, s-canned the separate site for my co website and setup the ispconfig server to run DNS (using the great tutorial), created my glue records and pointed everything over and it all seems good to go. I have one server houseing everything and I assume now I just add new slave web servers as I grow.

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