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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ColdFire, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. ColdFire

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    I did the upgrade from via to but forgot to update the DB-Server in a Multi-Server setup at first. After updateing all the others I've finally also started the updater there and it ran apparently without errors.

    But now It won't sync anymore with the "master" as it seems because the dbispconfig - db schema changes do not seem to be completely applied there:

    In the Logs i have:
    [email protected]:/usr/local/ispconfig/server# ./
    03.06.2013-14:44 - DEBUG - Set Lock: /usr/local/ispconfig/server/temp/.ispconfig_lock
    03.06.2013-14:44 - DEBUG - Found 23 changes, starting update process.
    03.06.2013-14:44 - WARNING - DB::query(REPLACE INTO web_database (`database_id`,`sys_userid`,`sys_groupid`,`sys_perm_user`,`sys_perm_group`,`sys_perm_other`,`server_id`,`type`,`database_name`,`database_user`,`database_password`,`database_charset`,`remote_access`,`remote_ips`,`active`) VALUES ('9','31','31','riud','riud','','3','mysql','c30js','c30admin','*32F2FF88........','','y',XXXXXXXXXXX','y')) -> mysqli_query Unknown column 'database_user' in 'field list'
    03.06.2013-14:44 - ERROR - Replication failed. Error: (web_database) in MySQL server: (localhost) Unknown column 'database_user' in 'field list' # SQL: REPLACE INTO web_database (`database_id`,`sys_userid`,`sys_groupid`,`sys_perm_user`,`sys_perm_group`,`sys_perm_other`,`server_id`,`type`,`database_name`,`database_user`,`database_password`,`database_charset`,`remote_access`,`remote_ips`,`active`) VALUES ('9','31','31','riud','riud','','3','mysql','c30js','c30admin',*32F2FF88........','','y','XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX','y')
    03.06.2013-14:44 - DEBUG - Replicated from master: REPLACE INTO web_database (`database_id`,`sys_userid`,`sys_groupid`,`sys_perm_user`,`sys_perm_group`,`sys_perm_other`,`server_id`,`type`,`database_name`,`database_user`,`database_password`,`database_charset`,`remote_access`,`remote_ips`,`active`) VALUES ('9','31','31','riud','riud','','3','mysql','c30js','c30admin','*32F2FF88........','','y','XXXXXXXXXXXXXX','y')
    03.06.2013-14:44 - ERROR - Error in Replication, changes were not processed.
    03.06.2013-14:44 - DEBUG - Remove Lock: /usr/local/ispconfig/server/temp/.ispconfig_lock

    How can I apply the missing schema changes on the db.server because that one now can not apply any pending changes anymore ????
  2. till

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    This does not looklike a db schema issue. The database_user field has been removed in 3.0.5.x versions, so its ok that it does not exist. It just seems that there is a pending request in the queue which is still based on the old schema. Try to set the value of the updated column in the record of the db server in the server table on the master server to sys_datalog numper which is higher then the failed request. If you cant find this number, try to increment it by one.
  3. ColdFire

    ColdFire New Member


    Great, Thanks a lot - problem is solved and I've understood a little more how ISPConfig works inside ...

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