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    I have been quite frustrated in attempting to get a multi-server setup to work properly, and there does not seem to be much in the documentation that is helpful. As far as I can see, the installation is correct, and both servers appear in the control panel of the master server. However, any attempts to configure services in the master control panel that should be hosted on the slave actually result in any configuration taking place on the slave server. For example, if I create a DNS zone in the master control panel that should be serviced by the DNS server on the slave, no configuration data materializes in the /etc/named.conf/local file or the /var/named/slave directory. If I configure a web site on the slave then no configuration will appear /var/www directory of the slave. There are no error messages displayed when I actually save the configurations in the control panel. Likewise, there are no errors that materialize in the /var/log/messages log on either server. Where are error messages being logged if not there?

    The documentation does not mention anywhere by what means or protocol the slave server is actually configured or updated, is this done through rsync? I am working on the assumption that it is, since rsync is listed in the tools tab, (but has no effect on the slave server when I 'rsync' the services in question).

    Since I cannot find any logged error messages, and the documentation is completely lacking in terms of detailed information on how the slave server is updated, and troubleshooting information for same, I have no way of beginning to troubleshoot what the actual problem is. Some guidance would be appreciated.

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