Multi server or Mirror setup in production environments

Discussion in 'General' started by pititis, May 22, 2011.

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    I want to know your experiences using ispconfig3 in multiserver or mirror in production environments (no single server please). What about the performance in cluster/mirror setup? Are raid and redundant power supply enough to provide availability to multiserver setups? Questions and more questions around my head... but I will choose after hear your experiences. What are you using and why?

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    Right now I am debuggin a multiserver environment with Debian Squeeze (2 NSs, 1 Mail server, 1 Web/DB server). As for ISPConfig3, I didn't found any problem yet, but I think I will be testing it for the next one or two months...

    I have a problem right know with DNS resolv (some hosts resolvs, other doesn't, it depends of the ISP... if I use google DNS I haven't any problem at all, it works perfect... maybe it is a update/cache problem of the Argentina ISP's DNSs... we will see...).

    I think that I will not found major problems with the ISP3 setup... right now, I recommend to install and test it by yourself.

    I am not using server clusters at this moment, by I plan to use in one or two years... I have soft raid working in 4 servers (RAID1) without problems.

    Be carefull with monitor of ISPConfig, it reports all your servers errors with services, but... if you shutdown a server, it will be reported as "ok"... (this will be fixed in the nexts updates os ISPConfig I think).

    Please, if you choose this way, give me feedback of what you found!

  3. pititis

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    Are you using virtual machines for your multiserver setup?

    Gracias por responder
  4. erosbk

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    No VM right now. I am using my own hardware -four servers- for this, with 4 static/public IPs.

    My testing environment are 4 virtual servers. I have just one server per service, in my case, both environment are almost the same.

    De nada =)

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