multi server and phpmyadmin problem

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by senkron24, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. senkron24

    senkron24 New Member

    i have totaly new installed multi server from howto totorial
    step by step

    now i have new site and work the ns system

    bud its not work when i creat new user and make for him databse

    i can not login with user and pass was i creat in ispconfig admin page i have try auchso in client login and make user and creat db

    bud its says on phpmyadmin its not posble to login

    have any idea how i can slove this problme ?

  2. senkron24

    senkron24 New Member

  3. senkron24

    senkron24 New Member

    i am sloved
    bud i am not sure its good idea this to do!!

    i have installed to my dbserver phpmyadmin and change from system webserver ispconfig phpmyadmin setting now its going to dbserver phpmyadmin and its work

    bud i hope it exist sulotiun to du other way

  4. senkron24

    senkron24 New Member

    ohh god i get more problem !

    pls sulotion about dbserver totaly samthink wrong

    when i will install in db i get problmes :(

    pls any sulotion

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