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Discussion in 'General' started by stef157, May 19, 2013.

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    I would like to setup a new server with Ispconfig and I've some question about PHP..

    The first one : I've read that's possible to have a multiple version of PHP..
    I imagine a PHP5.3 for "old" website, PHP5.4 for actual Dev and PHP5.5 for testing..
    But, how to deal with the update? Cause I think the procedure don't use Aptitude.. So I've to recompile PHP on each update? I've to compile with each module or I can add it after? (If I need a module in the futur)..

    The second one, if I would like to use a multiple version of PHP, I've to bypass the aptitude install of PHP? Or I need to install it from Aptitude and then I setup each version needed ?

    Thx a lot for the explication.
  2. till

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    Search for phpfarm on sourceforge, it offers a easy way to compile multiple php versions and keep them updated. You cant use apt for that.

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