multi-boot Windows-Debian-Ubuntu all encrypted-some success, help needed to complete

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    Just thought I'd share with you my partial (so far) success with installing encrypted Windows, Debian and Ubuntu multi-boot/triple boot onto a Toshiba NB100 Netbook, 5400rpm SATA.

    Idea is that I want all three OSs to keep my skills up-to-date and for work, and encrypted as will put company material on it.

    Partitioned drive
    Primary partition 1) Windows XP Home, 52Gb
    Primary partition 2) Debian /boot, 2Gb
    Primary partition 3) Ubuntu /boot, 2Gb
    Primary partition 4) Extended partition
    Logical partition 1) LVM encrypted Debian installation / root (ext3), 15Gb
    Logical partition 2) Ubuntu /root (not encrypted yet)* (ext3), 15Gb
    Logical partition 3) LVM encrypted Debian /swap, 2Gb
    Logical partition 4) Ubuntu /swap (not encrypted yet)*, 2Gb
    Logical partition 5) Share, NTFS, not encrypted yet, 30Gb

    *(Ubuntu 8 install doesn't have this option, have to do it later)

    1) Windows XP already installed as purchased
    2) Partitioned using boot it
    3) Installed debian and GRUB - to give choice of XP or Debian on booting
    4) Installed Ubuntu and GRUB - overwrote Debian GRUB - to give choice of Ubuntu and Windows
    4) moved GRUB to debian boot partition
    5) Encrypted Windows XP with Truecrypt 6, installed Truecrypt bootloader, which asks for password on boot or offers ESC escape key option which takes you to 2 options, Debian or Ubuntu

    what I want to do next - any thoughts
    Encrypt Ubuntu
    Make Debian boot sequence only ask for the LUKS LVM password once, instead of twice: for the main debian filesystem and for the swap

    If I find answers I'll update here, but let me know if you have any ideas. Cheers.

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