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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by swamprat, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. swamprat

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    I asked Falko this question but I'll also post it here for other who might have the same set up.

    I'm using the Suse 10.3 setup as documented here.

    I have a number of Front Page web sites on another machine behind my firewall as follows: at IP at IP ---> and so on.

    This machine has an IP of

    How do things get set up so the Suse/ISPconfig will serve up these web pages.

  2. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    You mean on all that IPs mentioned above you got a webserver running that shall server some pages in the internet?

    At first you have to forward port 80 / 443 from your internet access (e.g. dls router) to _one_ of the machines. you can not forward port 80 e.g. to machine a or to machine b depending on the request.
    An alternative would be to use mod_proxy on one machine, that's accessing, depending on the URL / URI, the backendservers accordingly.

    But when using mod_proxy, the only thing that you need is the textarea in the web's config ;)
  3. swamprat

    swamprat New Member


    When configuring a Front Page web you need an IP address.

    External if it's not behind a firewall such as the 216.254... or if behind the firewall a 192.168.xxxx.

    How else would the world find the page?

    I have a real hard time believing that it could be as complicated as you describe. Well that's what it seems to because I'm a newbie.

    I was doing this with my internet applience (IPAD) where all I did was put in a passthru statement and the system received a request for a page at it found it's way thru the network to the for

    A passthru statement looks something like this:

    ----> <----

    Wouldn't any system have to do something like the above in order to find the hosted page?

    Shouldn't the suse/ispconfig set up be able to do this. You can't host an MS FrontPage on an Linux machine. And, I'm sure there are thousnds of hosted FrontPage web pages out there so some one is doing this...

  4. falko

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    You can use Apache's mod_proxy, e.g. as described here:

    In this example it's used to serve ISPConfig on port 80, but you can use it as well to serve web sites from other servers.

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