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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by surfer24, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. surfer24

    surfer24 New Member

    Dear All

    I have an E1 link (2Mbps) for the internet usage in my office. I have configured MRTG on Linux Proxy Machine and Router's serial interface. The problem that i have is some times in MRTG web page Bits per second increase up to 2.4 M or 4.8 M but it should not go over 2048 Kbps. How can this problem b resolved. Any assistance will b appriciated

    Iftikhar Ahmad
  2. sangamc

    sangamc New Member

    i would have the same problem too with mrtg, i think its a bug somewhere in the way that it processes data. i setup the free PRTG traffic monitor and montored the same port. the spikes in mrtg did not show up in PRTG.

    i ended up switching to nagios (coz its free) and i havent had the problem since
  3. surfer24

    surfer24 New Member

    Thanks SangamC

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