Moving the server to a new internal and external IP address

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  1. wr19026

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    I was reading through some of the other posts and would just like to have confirmation for the following: if I do a search against db_ispconfig for my private IP address and I change all those to the new private IP address (e.g. to, would that do the trick?

    Apparently changing the public IP address can be done without any changes to the IPSCOnfig installation.
  2. falko

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    No, that would not be sufficient. You must also tell the system the new IP address. Take a look here:

    That's right, if you're behind a router. But you must change your domains' DNS records.
  3. wr19026

    wr19026 New Member

    Makes sense; looks like I will do a new install for my own server which is changing not only public but also private IP address.

    With /var/web on a separate disk, and a clean install using the Perfect Setup, what would be the better option; restore db_ispconfig from a backup and use phpmyadmin to change all references to the old internal IP, or manually do the setups (websites, users) and then copy the old /var/web/web1 etc. directories to the new location?

    Also, I'm moving some websites for a client to a new, dedicated server owned by them. What I've done, since I cannot set the server up as www.clientdomain.dom (that domain needs to be up and running until I can do the switch), is use the external IP during the ISPConfig install process.

    My thinking was to do it the following way:
    - completely set the new server up, including websites, users etc.
    - stop Postfix on the old server
    - point DNS to the new public IP (can do that easily at
    - move the affected /var/web/web(x) directories to the new server
    - remove the affected /var/web/web(x) directories from the old server
    - once verified that mail starts to arrive at the new server, restart Postfix on the old server

    So I completed setup of the new server including ISPConfig. As I could not set the machine up to be www.clientsdomain.dom (that domain is still active), I have used the external IP address during the ISPConfig setup. Is there a list of files that I need to update or can I do all the updates from the ISPConfig Panel? For this server, neither the public or the private IP address will change, just the name (from public IP to machinename.clientsdomain.dom to

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  4. falko

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    I'd try this. Of course, the ISPConfig versions on the old and new system must be the same. Also, the Linux versions (distribution) should be the same, or some settings in the isp_server table will be wrong for the new system.

    I'd change the DNS records at the end, after you've copied the web sites to the new server (of course, don't delete them on the old server until the DNS records have changed!). And for the Postfix on the old server, I'd create a Postfix transport to forward all emails that still arrive at the old server to the new server. Take a look here:

    You can change the server name under Management -> Server -> Settings.
  5. wr19026

    wr19026 New Member

    Perfect. The link you sent is very useful. I'll do the actual move during the weekend as to not impact regular business too much :)

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