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    I have ISP on my server for one year at least. I used for a long time 2.2.3 version. Some time ago I made upgrade to 2.2.7. In this case I have expect that my default document root for ISPConfig websites will be moved to /var/www (according to Debian folders structures and 2.2.4 version changes) - but not. All files are still in /home dir. So the first case: is it wrong or not?

    But... I must move my ISP to new one server. According to this forum I should made brand new installation and migrate all needed data. It is ok for me but what about default document root (/home vs /var/www). Brand new installation will be use /var/www but as I describe above my websites are still in /home.

    Any suggestions how to safe migrate to new server and what will be the best (keep /home or rather move to /var/www)?

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    Thats not wrong. ISPConfig does not move the document root when you update your server as it might break your websites. ISPConfig supports any document root, only the default for new installations has changed to /var/www

    Thats up to you. You set the document root to /home/www when you select expert mode during setup. Or you migrate your websites to /var/www on the new server.
    If you dont want to use suexec, keep the /home/www document root, else use /var/www.
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    Thanks for information !

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