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    yeah, some topic as Issue #2368.
    In a multiserver setup I'm trying to found a way to move some website to other servers to balance the load without breaking the website realpath.
    The goal is to do a transparent migration without search and replace /var/www/clients/clientX/webXX/ in files and db (eg like in wordpress).
    Creating a new website with same domain in an different server create a new (autoincrement) website_id and there is no way to override it.
    Reading the manual I see also that "Linux User and Linux Group cannot be changed"
    "Connect Linux userid to webid" is on since setup in every servers.
    I think that the wanted logic is similar to mirror setup.

    Any suggestions?
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    Wish someone would write a utility to allow moving around websites or mail boxes around within a single multi-server ISPconfig system. Would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for such a tool and I'm sure others would as well

    Probably have to do something like
    On a form get a list of clients, websites, & databases to move from server A to server B
    Using remote API
    create a new website and database on new server for client
    move via rsync the data from old server/website to new server/website
    Move database from old server to new server
    delete website and database on old server
    update DNS for correct IP
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