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    I have Cloud instance from OVH with ISPconfig 3.1.7p1 and Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. HDD size is around 50GB. I can only migrate to higher version of instance with faster CPU, more RAM, and more capacious HDD but it generates unnecessary costs. Second option is additional HDD. After buy I need to mount it. After this operation I will have in my system two disks - main 50GB and mounted somewhere secondary with some free space. I need to move /web/ directory (there are websites files which take a lot of space) of each user to this secondary HDD. The main problem is how to do this? Does it break ISP? Created databases and other ISP and Ubuntu files don't need to be moved anywhere. Please be patient with me and help me. :)

    I think that probably I need to move whole user account, not only /web directory but I don't know what is possible and faster.
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    Thank you Taleman, I check it.
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