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    Hi all,

    We have a server that is running that is our production server. We need to move this over to another server which currently has on it. I decided to give it a shot by doing the following;

    Backed up the following on the server:
    mysqldump of all databases

    I then pulled over a bz2 backup of the www dir from the production server along with a dump of all the databases.

    I imported the entire mysql directory and overwrote the existing.

    I scp'd over the /usr/local/ispconfig directory from production and then did the same for the apache directory.

    The first problem I found was that scp doesn't support the symlinks, so I'll have to try that again with rsync, however, after doing all that I realized that the production server is running under CGI/FastCGI if you do a php info and the new server was running under "Apache 2.0 Handler".

    Seemed like when I tried to do a restart of apache it was complaining about the fcgi handler.

    What is the best approach to move over to the new machine?

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    I am not much of an expert, but wouldn't it be good to make the server a mirror of the production and then figure out what is missing? Then you can transfer as little as possible.


    I found this link for you I hope it helps.
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