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    I am trying to find some help but not sucessful. maybe it is already discus somewhere else.

    I have new server where I am running and some new SITEs.
    I was thinking for future moving of some sites from old server to new one so I did just insert row into SITE table with ID=64.
    so new sites on new server has ID > 64.

    CAN I USE BACKUP / RESTORE tool for moving just some sites from old to new server?

    I can see that on BACKUP page I will choose "web data", "user data" and "mysql data" and I will also choose which site I want.

    this looks nice BUT I am not able to find RESTORE page, where I should pickup backup file. where it is? otherwise making a backup has NOT sence.

    is there any another way how to move only some site from old to new server?

  2. falko

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    There's no restore page. You have to restore the backups manually by unpacking and uploading them to the right directories, or in the case of an SQL dump, by restoring the database from the dump, as shown here:

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